Biscotti Bits: Fat-Free Black & White


Weight: 1.8 oz

  • 75 calories per container
  • Made with natural & GMO free ingredients , no preservatives, no trans fats
  • Dairy-free, low sodium, no refined sugars 
  • Always fresh, always homemade
  • A touch of sweetness

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Our Fat- Free, Low Calorie, healthy biscotti, Made with natural & GMO free ingredients now come in Bite sized bits! The perfect healthier option for your sweet tooth craving!

About 70% lower calories than a typical biscotti!

When you can’t decide between Chocolate and Vanilla, our Black & White Fat-Free Biscotti Bits are here for you! is here for you! Enjoy bits and end pieces of our delicious Fat-Free Biscotti by themselves, or incorporated into something new like DIY ice cream or into a pudding! We hope you try this delicious all-natural,  dairy-free, and low sodium biscotti. Always rest assured, there are no artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors in any of our products!

Pro tip- leave these in your car for the perfect on the go snack!

At DIJAS Natural Foods, we set our standards high. All of our homemade and retail products are made with Natural & Non-GMO ingredients and have no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or ingredients. For those with special dietary needs or preferences, we provide a wide offering of vegan and gluten-free items, as well as some fat-free selections! You name it, we bake it! Made homemade every day by real people and with real ingredients. Try some new products today!



*For Nutrient facts, please refer to the Full-Size Biscotti of this flavor, and note that 3-4 bits make up one full-size piece of Biscotti*


INGREDIENTS: Egg Whites, Organic Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice), All Natural Unbleached Wheat Flour, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Cocoa, Pure Vanilla Extract, Lemon Powder, Natural Chocolate Flavor. Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Tree Nuts.

Shelf Life: 6 months frozen, 45 days ambient


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Due to it’s fragile nature, a little breakage is to be expected. 

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