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Yesterday I received my order of Blueberry Muffin minis, along with Corn and Lemon Poppy large muffins. They arrived in perfect condition, looking beautifully golden on top, and attractively displayed in waxed liners. Tried a little of each flavor. All tasted as delicious as they appeared, and are now being preserved in our freezer for future enjoyment and sharing. I am pleased and surprised by the healthfulness of the Corn and Lemon Poppy muffins. The ratio values of calories, fat, and sodium content per ounce are impressive. Now I won't feel so guilty about having and share these delectable tasty treats. Mary Theresa Wright 12/30/2019.
My wife and I just had a chance to enjoy your 6″ PEACH PIE. To quote my wife, ``Good. Very good. Not too sweet.`` I'll add delicious. And let me also add that my wife has been cooking and baking since she was 10 years old. I won't give her age. A gentlemen never divilges a woman's age, but we have been married for 56 years. So when she says ``very good`` you are getting a very high rating. To put it simply, we loved it and I'll be ordering more very soon. Fred Berney 02/06/2020
I bought your 9” Cherry Vegan Pie. It was delicious. The cherries tasted fresh and of high quality. enjoyed the sugar topping on the pie crust! I have a milk allergy and was happy to see a pie that I could eat and also tasted well!!! Madeline 1/04/2020
The coffee cake muffins were delicious. I love all your bakery stuff!! Connie 02/07/2020
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