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A fourth-generation company, Asher’s Chocolates is proudly entering our 120th year as America’s oldest family owned-and-operated chocolates company.
Chocolate Assortment
From our proud roots in Chester A. Asher’s storefront business established in 1892, Asher’s Chocolates were manufactured in the historic Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia for nearly a century.Asher's Chocolates Legacy
The company’s operations currently encompass two facilities in Pennsylvania, with nearly three hundred associates.
Asher's Chocolates Facility


Asher’s manufacturing capabilities range from automated chocolate bar production to custom hand-molded pieces, sugar free assorted chocolates to kettle-cooked fudge.

Asher’s chocolates are offered in bars, a range of bags including re-sealable pouches, canisters and boxes. Our packages are designed to maximize their shelf appeal with their stand-out appearance, while minimizing their footprint with space-conscious configurations.

A pioneer in domestic sugar free chocolates, beginning over 40 years ago, Asher’s Chocolates now offers the broadest array of bulk and packaged sugar free chocolates in the industry. With over 25 million diabetics in America, a figure growing by nearly 10% per year, this is an increasingly important consumer sector. Portion control pouches and single-serving bars are key packaging elements, but boxed assortments of sugar free chocolates and even sugar free fudge are included in Asher’s offerings.

Asher’s produces a wide range of chocolates and confections beyond our Chocolate Smothered Pretzels – from traditional pieces including Buttercreams, Nut Clusters, and Jellies, to less conventional new favorites like our Chocolate Smothered Potato Chips.

Almond Paws Coconut Strips English Toffee Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Smothered Potato Chips

It only makes sense, given Pennsylvania’s rich history in both snack food and chocolate production, that Asher’s Chocolate Smothered Pretzels™ are our most popular items. The success of these items is due to the same relatively simple recipe used to maintain our business – the best ingredients with unwavering standards.
Our Chocolate Smothered Pretzels can now be found in on-board concessions on Delta Airlines and United Airlines, specialty and mass retailers throughout the United States, and even in markets in Japan.

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